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Making the Most Out of Mother’s Day

Oooooh, it’s that time of year again where many stepmoms are…
Family Laughing

Stepchildren Just Want to Fit In – Part 3

As a stepdad, I found some ways to help my stepchildren feel…
Stepdad reading to stepchildren

Showing Affection to Stepkids

Affection can be shown in ways other than hugs and kisses After…
Stepmum and Stepson

How My Stepson Changed the Way I Parent

I consider the bond I have built with my stepson to be one of…
Stepmum and Stepchild

Why It’s OK To Love Your Stepchildren Like Your Own ― And What That Really Means

As I started off my role as a stepmom, I would hear people say,…
Stepmom Giving Package to Stepson

Tips for Becoming a Full-Time Stepmom

I couldn’t have imagined that 3 years after marrying my husband…