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It’s Not You, It’s Me

Wow! Ever feel like your stepchild doesn’t like you? This can be a constant feeling. A feeling that creeps up then leaves as quick as it came. Or if you are lucky, something you hardly, if ever, have to deal with. Me, I’m in the middle. One day I feel like I’m on top of my […]

Positive Thoughts, Positive Actions, Positive Results

Do you ever have times in your life where you just feel like everything is going wrong like you’re on an insane roller coaster that keeps your world upside down? Recently, I have been feeling that way, and let me tell you…I need to get off this ride! From stressing over all of our children […]

Why I Miss the Stepmom

If someone told me several years ago that I would be missing my children’s stepmom I would have told them they are freaken crazy. No way in the world could I ever miss that lady. The struggles, arguments, and disagreements were enough to make anyone pull their hair out. Walking on eggshells and sidestepping on […]